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Seána Geri McCloskey :


Seána (formely known as pen-name Sean Gearard McCloskey, aka Johnni) first dipped her toe into creative writing when scripting for a ‘Talking Newspaper for the Visually Impaired’ – the ‘West Coast Recorder’ based in Inverclyde, in the 1990’s. Though spending much of her life as a semi-professional musician; the creative and editing skills she taught herself back then built a solid foundation in writing craft that she would use again some twenty years later.


Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction:

Political activism, history, folklore and mythology all inter-weave themselves beautifully throughout her works; a rich tapestry of social realism with a dash of humour, all brought to life with more than a touch of his own personal experiences at the ‘University of Life.’

[Celtic New Dawn Press]

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S.G. McCloskey

Down To Earth Approach :

“Seána has a knack for transporting people into the world of her non-fiction or fictional writings. She comes across as having knowledge of her writings through personal experience by the detail of the literature she writes. That along with the down to earth approach and sense of humour her writing delivers suspense and adventure.”

~ Zach Raybould


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